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(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico

(S8) Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico is a unique event in Spain that takes place annually in the city of A Coruña. Its proposal focuses on avant-garde cinema and contemporary film creation, where filmmakers, journalists, professionals, students and a passionate audience from all over the world meet prominent international personalities and creators. In addition, the Mostra is a meeting place for professionals where meetings, lectures and presentations of projects under development are held and advised by specialists of international prestige. The (S8) dedicates each year special attention to education, with various didactic activities and seminars around film culture. This wide proposal is completed every year with video installations and exhibitions related to the theme of each edition.

Super 8

Super 8

Super 8, referenced here by the name of the Festival, is the spirit that guides the event. This home cinema format embodies the characteristics of the movies shown here. A popular, personal and analog format that besides preserving our recent memory, allowed to flourish the necessary independence and freedom for the first (and risky) steps of world-renowned filmmakers today, and has benn an esencial parte of the change of the paradigm of the film work methods, as it allowed the filmmaker to work independently. (S8) combines, with its allegorical name, a threefold purpose: to bring together the experimental and avant-garde spirit – with unlimited formats – embodied by these Super 8 and 16mm pioneering works, to account for the plenty of filmmakers who continue to use the small film format in the XXI century and also to review this recent film history making an essential memory and retrieval effort.


Programa (S8) Mostra Cinema Periférico

(S8) Programme is materialized as various sections that reflect the most stimulating current audiovisual scene and bring together key works in film history. Music, performing and visual arts have their place at the Festival with concerts, installations and performances that show the continuous feedback among the various artistic disciplines. In turn, teaching also plays a crucial role in (S8) with activities such as presentations, workshops and professional meetings that energize the daily activity of the Festival and make it an event closely linked to citizen participation.

International Scope

(S8) Mostra Cinema Periférico Internacional

It is an international event that opens A Coruña to the world, as the city becomes a focus of national and international attention, which brings together the most interesting filmmakers and working professionals and there are the most relevant means of communication.