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Zoe Beloff cierra el (S8) llevándonos a otra dimensión

La última jornada del (S8) tiene como protagonista especial a Zoe Beloff. Además de poder ver una muestra de sus trabajos, la artista pondrá un cierre a la Mostra transportándonos a otra dimensión con su performance en 3D analógico Claire and Don in Slumberland. Hablamos con Zoe Beloff, que nos entreabre una puerta a sus mundos imaginarios. info

Guy Sherwin, this friday at (S8)

We had a conversation with Guy Sherwin, who this friday afternoon will offer us, as a part of the Performative Cinema Season, a show of his fascinating work, that expands the frontiers of cinema.  info

Welcome to (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico 2011

Welcome to the second edition of (S8) Peripheral Film Festival. It will take place 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of June 2011 in the Old Provincial Prison of A Coruña. There are still some weeks off before the event starts but we have decided to tell you something about our “menu”. Firstly, you can watch our first edition movie to know how the (S8) will look like this year.