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Antonio Weinrichter.- Mark Rappaport

Antonio Weinrichter writes about Mark Rappaport. First-hand words, that introduce us into the first Master Class of the (S8) lead by the filmmaker from New York.


José Luis Castro de Paz: Historial Cinematographic Documents Made In Galicia

Jose Luis Castro de Paz -Doctor of History of Cinema, audiovisual communication professor and researcher – took part of the presentation round table of the section Historic archives of Galicia.


José Luis Castro de Paz

If the cinematographic production in Galicia, as everybody knows, was practically nonexistent until the seventies of the last century -drastically truncated the possible foundations of a Galician Cinema during the republican period by the military fascist uprising-, the expression turns out to be nearly literal until 1920.

So, and still including the nineteenth-century, relevant and possibly particular filmography of José Sellier Loup (native of Lyon, now settled down in A Coruña), it should not be surprising that what was filmed in Galicia until de end of the second decade of the 20th century hardly exceeds, as a whole, some thousand meters of celluloid -lost in its vast majority—and that its (non)-existence it is specially due to the individual willfulness of small businessmen or enterprising photographers rather than an industrial will worthy of such a name, since, in reality -and how it will be supposed- the extremely weak and apathetic Galician bourgeoisie will not show any interest in contributing in the uprising of a cinematographic industry. It is due to this fact that beyond the intrinsic value of the material conserved (and occasionally restored) by the Centro Galego de Artes da Imaxe (CGAI), and that it is an outstanding part of the section that we present, this material reaches for us the category of an authentic historical and anthropological treasure. info

Pedro Comesaña talks about Emética, film that is going to be open as a premiere at (S8)

Pedro Comesaña, author of Emética (Mentes Distintas) -short that will be screened at (S8) within the sectionRetrieved and Unpublished Galicia’s Cinema- talks us about his first experience with the image world.

Emética is the result of my first contact with the world of images and consequently he/she became the reason why I decided to dedicate my career to the cinema and the audiovisual world. In 1981, when I was seventeen, in the surroundings of Vigo there were few options to get into the audiovisual world. Not even there were photography schools and much less, Audiovisual Schools. There were only two TV channels, the 1 and the 2, and Internet was science fiction. info

Ándres Duque: My Outburst with Iván

In this issue, Andrés Duque, speaks in first person, about his relationship with Iván Zulueta, and the steps taken to record his documentary IVÁN Z

My Outburst with Iván

I saw “Arrebato” (Iván Zulueta) for first time in a retrospective offered by the Cinemática of Caracas about the best of Spanish cinema; it was around 1991. As well as much other people who had previously seeing the movie, I had the feeling I had just participated in a hypnotic and bloodsucker experience. The film addressed me, or better said, it arouse some of my childhood memories with an exciting faithfulness. The pleasure of watching picture card albums and letting yourself getting lost in those sceneries, all the erotic load that Betty Boop or Peter Pan can awake, the sticky textures of some objects, the light sparkles bouncing out when the sun comes into the window, well, a world full of memories started resettling my mind to right after lead me to the outburst. From that moment, I could not take this movie out of my mind. info

How to be María Cañas or a compulsive homo videns

María Cañas, that will accompany us at the (S8) Festival with a video installation and a Master Class, gets closer to(S8)’s Blog to answer our questions. We hope you enjoy it.

How to be María Cañas or a compulsive homo videns

– María Cañas proclaims herself Seville’s film librarian, audiovisual cannibal, collector, fond of the cinema, cibergarrulla, savage media coverage, iconoclastic, corruptor, buñuelista, zensualista, mythomaniac…but, of course, something that you do is continuous screen operations…in this eternal cut and paste, how much of a scalpel a look must have? Do you feel like a surgeon?
Yes, iconoclastic surgeon, image violator, punk cannibal, Doctor Frankenstein, audiovisual detritus alchemist…I am an inconvenience for those purist film and photography directors, they look at me as someone who cuts their work in pieces.
I use materials from archives and recycled residues as a way of lived cinematographic construction. My passion is the type of cinema produced with few means but without limits. info