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Pedro Comesaña talks about Emética, film that is going to be open as a premiere at (S8)

Pedro Comesaña, author of Emética (Mentes Distintas) -short that will be screened at (S8) within the sectionRetrieved and Unpublished Galicia’s Cinema- talks us about his first experience with the image world.

Emética is the result of my first contact with the world of images and consequently he/she became the reason why I decided to dedicate my career to the cinema and the audiovisual world. In 1981, when I was seventeen, in the surroundings of Vigo there were few options to get into the audiovisual world. Not even there were photography schools and much less, Audiovisual Schools. There were only two TV channels, the 1 and the 2, and Internet was science fiction. info