Alehop! The countdown starts

Dziga Vertov salta

Eleven months ago, the second edition of (S8) ended. In the corridors of the Ancient Prison of A Coruña, a ghostly 3D performance of the unique Zoe Beloff took us to another dimension, placing us in an impossible land trapped between the present and the past, in a visual psychophone. A singular way of putting an end to a handful of days that gave us no little supernatural experiences. We could, for instance, experience Nathaniel Dorsky’s devotional cinema: a sensation that pierced us deeply. Also, in a magical night, Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo were the protagonists of an unforgettable encounter between performative cinema and nature. Metropolis, by Fritz Lang, was reborn with twenty extra minutes of re-found lost footage, and with the emotion of a live soundtrack played by the Orquesta Filarmónica Ciudad de Pontevedra.
Since then, a lot of things happened, not only in (S8) but in the world in general, and particularly in Spanish cinema context. We think that today, more than ever, the existence is essential of (S8) as a celebration of autonomous art and of life itself. We move to a new venue, but the spirit is the same. In less than a month will begin an uncontrollable explosion of cinema: Super 8, 16mm, experiments, performance, appropriation, avant-garde and enthusiasm. A party where everybody that loves film will is invited to enjoy a programming, inside and outside the screening rooms, built with passion and care. Just hearing a bunch of names will make the wait seem to go on forever:  Peter Kubelka, Michael Nyman (with Dziga Vertov), Naomi Uman, Lewis Klahr, Janie Geiser, Miwa Matreyek, La Cuadrilla, or Andrés Duque. And we still have marvelous things to reveal. The countdown starts. Alehop!