Tutoras INPUT 2019

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The Filmmaker Jeannette Muñoz and a Tribute to Jonas Mekas: First Announcements of the 10th Edition of the (S8)

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Mostra will feature a special program under the name “Nuevos y viejos amigos” (New and Old Friends). This program will bring to A Coruña new works by filmmakers featured in past editions along with films by other artists whose work is connected to the programming identity of the festival. Among these “new friends”, the (S8) will bring the work of the Chilean Jeannette Muñoz, one of the most relevant experimental filmmakers of our time.

Muñoz will also teach the workshop “Todo depende del cristal con el que se mire” (It All Depends on How You Look at it), a workshop for children and youth with disabilities. Through this activity, co-organized with NORMAL – Espacio de Intervención Cultural de la Universidade da Coruña, the festival confirms its compromise with the use of cinema as a tool to the social inclusion. In this workshop, the kids will participate in the process of creation of collective cinematographic fragments based in the sum of their individual ideas, so they can discover through the process new ways of looking at the world. Besides of the workshop sessions, the activity will end with a public presentation in which the participants will show to the audience the pieces made in the workshop, a screening in which there will be also a conversation among the young artists, the audience and Jeannette Muñoz.

‘Invisible Acts’: Jonas Mekas, Godfather of a Generation

The (S8) wants to remember in its 10th edition the figure of the recently departed Jonas Mekas through a special program called ‘Invisible Acts’, curated by Andrea Franco and Javier TrigalesThis selection of films celebrates the role of Mekas as the godfather of a new generation of avant garde filmmakers, that he proclaimed and supported in his reviews and articles in Film Culture, The Village Voice, and also through the screenings he organized in the Filmmakers’ Cinematheque and the Anthology Film Archives. This tribute will comprehend a selection of those artists that the Lithuanian considered essential thanks to the poetry of their cinema, and also because they reflected the concerns of the women and men of their time, something that was basic from Mekas’s point of view for the films to have a real significance. The program will feature films by filmmakers such as Marie Menken, Hollis Frampton, Jack Smith and Larry Jordan, among others.