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Open call for Philip Hoffman’s workshop: Film Farm on the Road

Imagen: S8

Every year in summer, between the greenery and the rivers of Mount Forest (Ontario, Canada), a unique retreat for filmmakers, created and promoted by Philip Hoffman, has taken place since 1994. In the Film Farm, a sort of summer camp for handmade cinema, people film, process and share their knowledge during a week, in an open context where self-sufficiency prevails, back to mainstream laws and supporting the peripheral creators. In this edition of (S8) the Film Farm travels to Coruña with Hoffman, who will give a four-day workshop under the philosophy of what he calls the Process Cinema. With 16mm film as guide medium, and processing with ecological materials such as wildflowers and seawater, we will enjoy some unique days hand in hand with one of the essential figures of Canadian artisanal and diarist cinema.


Venue: La Nautilus (Plaza de Azcárraga 7, ground floor, A Coruña)
Dates: from June 5 to 8
Timetable: from 11 to 14 and from 15 to 20 hours
Number of seats: 8
Price: 150 (all the material included)
Requirements: the workshop will be held in English. Participants are asked to bring, if possible, their laptops with editing softwar
Registration: until Monday, June 4 at [email protected]



June 5 Tuesday
11am to 2pm
Intro to Process Cinema: collect, reflect, revise
(According to Hoffman, Process Cinema “explores a creative tradition in alternative filmmaking that is improvisational and interactive. Through this process-driven methodology, the screenplay as governing document is replaced by a fluid integration of writing, shooting and editing, not necessarily in that order.This way of working ‘through’ process has a comparative body of work in music, through jazz, in art, through ‘action painting’, in the performative aspects of the sketchbook or through ‘spontaneous prose’ in beat poetry.”)

Screenings  & Discussion

3pm to 8:00pm
Intro to Bolex 16mm camera handling
Lighting & exposure
Hand processing techniques (conventional & `green processing’)
Test shooting in groups with the Bolex
Processing Workshop
Transfer from 16mm test film to digital

June 6 Wednesday
11am to 2pm
Screening: previous day shooting
Celluloid as a canvas: tinting/toning & painting on found footage
Image manipulation
Screenings and discussion on films

3pm to 8pm
Distribution of equipment
Shooting projects
Film processing
Film tinting/toning & painting
Transfer from film to digital

June 7 Thursday
11am to 2pm
Screening of participants’ in-process films

3pm to 8pm
Shooting of projects
Film processing
Film tinting/toning & painting
Transfer from film to digital
Projects edition

June 8 Friday
11am – 2pm
Meeting to plan presentation
Screening of films in process

3pm to 8pm
Film tinting/toning, painting and manipulation
Transfer from film to digital
Final editing of projects


*Schedule does not include all activities and content