Welcome to (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico 2011

Welcome to the second edition of (S8) Peripheral Film Festival. It will take place 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of June 2011 in the Old Provincial Prison of A Coruña. There are still some weeks off before the event starts but we have decided to tell you something about our “menu”. Firstly, you can watch our first edition movie to know how the (S8) will look like this year.

Those ones who have followed us from last edition already know that (S8) bets on peripheral cinema. It is not just avant-garde and experimentation but any audiovisual sign produced beyond the industry, language and distribution edges. In addition, it conserves the Super 8 spirit, a cinema format that has documented our recent History as well as a singular tool for filmmakers and avant-garde artists. The Super 8 has been and still is the vehicle for pioneers.

The (S8) will have a varied program divided in sections like Opera Prima, where we rescue first Super 8 movies from well known filmmakers (last year the director was Iván Zulueta) in order to approach the “first steps” of these artists to an audience.

In The Second Life of Images we will look around the most stimulating current appropriation cinema. Last year Mark Rappaport came to the Festival to talk about his work. This year we are having a luxury season that will be explained really soon.

Just to show how rich and prolific is the Super 8 format the Festival will show current artists’ movies who use this format. It will take place at the section Contemporary Super 8.

We will look around to European and North American avant-garde in the Avant-garde Cinema History. On the other hand, the section Historical Files co-produced by the Spanish Filmoteque will explore into these files that are part of the collective Spanish memory.

In addition, the (S8) creates a connection with its own environment. It will take place at Other formats of Galician cinema, section where new filmmakers will share screen with avant-garde Galician artists and first movies of acclaimed ones.

As we have introduced, the Festival will explore other facets beyond screenings. During the (S8) nights, the audience would enjoy live cinema thanks to the section Performative Cinema. Video-installations and Interactive installations will also share this interaction with the audience.

Everyone is invited to be part of the Festival. During four days, we will offer adult and children workshops and professional meetings (Observatory) . In addition, the city of A Coruña will be a party as well. The (S8) will be represented on the streets and public transport thanks to the “cuentapelis” (a man specialized in telling movie stories) and urban performances.

This is just the beginning. We hope everyone have taken notes and have reserved these days of June to enjoy the second edition of (S8) in A Coruña.We will keep you posted of everything related with Festival.