Mini (S8) Workshop
The expanded image. Film Laboratory and Audiovisual Experimentation

Two mornings of experimentation and audiovisual creation covering in a practical and fun way
key elements of the audiovisual language, in a workshop for children aged 7 to 12 years.

Using analog and digital projection devices, with the help of lenses, magnifiers and flashlights, we will discover the magic and fascinating power of cinema. Thanks to the filmmaker Xisela Franco ( and the audiovisual artist Juanma LoDo ( we will invent games of shadows, we will create our own audiovisual contents: frames with clippings and we will animate them, we will play with light and with all kinds of animate and inanimate objects. All this will be recorded with digital video recording devices (DSLR camera, camera-phone, HD webcam…) and we will project it again to move ahead in the process of creating new languages ​​and audiovisual narratives.

So in the course of this fast and hallucinatory trip we will know some pre-cinema toys,
we will discover chronophotography with the experiments of Muybrige and Marey, or we will sample the primitive cinema (Alice Guy, Lumière brothers, Méliès). The next step will be to discover the magic of edition (Kulechov, Hitchcock), to experience the association of images that creates senses. And finally we want to elucidate the possibilities that the arrival of the sound meant. To make this journey more interactive in search of the secrets of the fascination of cinema, we will use cybernetic and digital technology, and alternate different software so that the computer will become the final catalyst for our own images, sounds and sensations.

VENUE: Luis Seoane Foundation, San Francisco Street, 27, A Coruña.
SCHEDULE: Saturday, May 27 from 11 AM to 2 PM / Sunday 28 May from 12 AM to 2 PM
REGISTRATION: At the email address [email protected] heading “Mini (S8) Workshop“ in the subject line of the message. Limited places.
PRICE: € 10